Title (Year): Versus (2000)
GRS Rating: 0 of 5
Notable Cast: None.
Duration: 2 hr
Infractions: Blood & gore

Comments: Two prisoners escape and are waiting for a ride out of the mountains. The Yakuza, who are supposed to give them a lift, have also kidnapped a young woman. One of the prisoners is angry about her poor treatment and a fight breaks out. They all know something's different when a fallen colleague rises from the dead.

This dubbed Japanese film is more than a zombie flick. It's really a battle of good versus evil. The fighting style and costume are heavily influenced by The Matrix. However, the dialog and antics of the characters are unique. Hilarious may be a better word! Finally, there's also a Japanese "feel" with costume and mysticism. If you like martial arts and zombies, this is a film for you! The final fight scene is entertaining, too!

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