Broadwell Lake, California
(May 2009)

We set up camp on the road to Crucero south of the dry lake. Nearly incessant wind, threatening clouds, and getting stuck in sand put a damper on the outing. Though it was still fun.

Looking south you can see Ludlow.

And to the north is the lake.

Here's our camp. The scenery is a breath-taking and rugged sight to behold! Watch a 360 degree video of the camp here.

The first night we couldn't get the fire going because of the wind so after eating I rode out to see the lake in the darkness. Above are the lights of Ludlow... that phrase was a source of a sing-song for us. We had been drinking!

This is the texture of the dry lake bed.

I managed to take a good photo of the ATV on the lake at night.

The area where we camped is part of the Kelso Dunes area. We didn't ride out far enough to see the dunes. You can see the lake in the background.

Along Crucero Road...

While riding east along the power-line road that we got our trailers stuck in, we came across this little patch of sand. It's a cool spot!

It really is an oddity!

Look at these unusual black rocks next to the dunes.

Aside from the hole in the roof, this place would make a good shelter.

The road goes on for miles and miles.

Here's a view of the lake from the west.

I think this is a crushed car.

The bumper and engine fan clued me in.

This sign says the Broadwell Lake area is a proposed area for storing hazardous waste. I don't think this came to pass because I saw nothing.

A band of racers ripped by our camp at full speed so I wanted to see why they were in such a hurry. It turns out they were using the lake as a race course.

Is this a left-over Doctor Who prop?

I took another solo ride around the western side of the lake. The trail was rough.

The ATV did a great job. I could hang out the rear end through corners. There were a few corners that I was glad that I slowed down like the one pictured above. It was a blind summit after which the trail darted to the left!

On the way back to camp I decided to see what the top speed of the ATV is. I took it up to 50 mph on the lake. I filmed the run. The photography is pretty bad because I held the camera and still had to shift. It's 13 MB and may be downloaded here.

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