London, England, United Kingdon
(March - April 2004)

I explored most of the city on foot but also took the London Underground or "tube" as it's called. I wanted to get a true feel for London so I spent most of my time away from the tourist traps. In fact, I fit in so well that I was asked for directions at least once a day!


The London Underground (The Tube)
  • A convenient, clean, and efficient option for city travel. The system is old but well-maintained and entirely safe in the West End of London. The East End (e.g. Whitechapel) is not as safe or clean but still passable. This system is consistent and well-labeled for ease of use. Most memorable is the recorded voices that warn riders of danger. Download and listen to this sample. I have marked every station that I used during my stay in London on this Tube map.

  • American Airlines
  • The flight from Boston was clean, efficient, and cheap. Only $370 round-trip. And no I did not book four months in advance. In fact, I purchased my tickets through only a week ahead. The stewardesses fed us two meals instead of the advertised one. Movie selection was good, though the music selection was poor. No doubt due to copyright infringement and swearing, but I would have been happier listening to some contemporary American rock with the words blipped out.

  • National Rail
  • The rail system was recently deregulated so the system is not as efficient as it once was. But the rail I took to the Midlands was fairly clean and very fast.

  • DateWalksNotable SightsNeighborhoods VisitedMiles Walked
    Tuesday, March 30th & Wednesday, March 31stBig Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Bridge, and Cathedral, Buckingham Park, Green Park, Oxford CircusEarl's Court, Kensington, Bayswater, Marylebone, Soho, Westminster8 miles
    Thursday, April 1stTower of London & Tower Bridge
    St. Katharine Docks
    London City, Whitechapel, Aldgateapprox 5 miles
    Friday, April 2ndNone.Big Ben
    House of Parliament
    Westminister Abbey
    Buckingham Palace
    Trafalgar Square
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    Southwark Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe, Francis Drake's Golden Hinde
    Tower Bridge
    Westminister, St. James's, Soho, Marylebone, London City5 miles
    Saturday, April 3rdNone.GranthamEarl's Court, Kensington, Somers Town1 mile
    Sunday, April 4thHampstead Heath
    Old Scotland Yard
    Hampstead, Westministerapprox 5 miles
    Monday, April 5thNone.River Thames
    Cannon Street Station Bridge & The Globe
    London City, The Borough, Westminster, Soho4 miles
    Tuesday, April 6th & Wednesday, April 7th"Alleyways" and "City of the Dead"Old Bailey, William Wallace Execution SiteLondon City, Bayswater, Kensington, Earl's Court5 miles

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