Title (Year): Blindness (2008)
GRS Rating: 3 of 5
Notable Cast: Julianne Moore
Duration: 2 hr, 1 min
Infractions: Feces, violence

Comments: Everyday traffic in a big city is suddenly brought to a halt. A motorist can no longer see. The disease is named the "white sickness", because the inflicted individual goes blind, seeing only white, not blackness. The illness quickly spreads. The government, enforced by the military, sets up camps to quarantine the infected. So when a doctor loses his sight, his wife feigns the illness and accompanies him. Could she be the key to life in this blinded world?

This apocalyptic film is quite good. I may not agree with the helpless situation created by the main characters; however, the film does an excellent job exploring the human effects of such a disaster. Sight is one sense that is more necessary than others to navigate the modern world. This film portrays an urban world without it. There's also a suggestion of religion: whiteness or blindness suggests good. Overall the film is thought provoking. Of course, it could only come from a novel.

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