Title (Year): Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)
GRS Rating: 5 of 5
Notable Cast: None.
Duration: 2 hr, 17 min
Infractions: None.

Comments: In the distant future, the International Space Station has grown too large to remain in orbit of earth. It's sent out into space and grows into a city of a thousand species, Alpha. Two time-traveling, government agents solve crimes. The latest being the theft of a converter. Having recovered it, they return to Alpha. Meanwhile, while they were gone, the center of the metropolis has developed into a radioactive area.

This Luc Besson film is based on a popular, long-running French comic book series. His style is obvious. There's even a quick tribute to The Fifth Element at the very beginning. (Watch for the groups of aliens.) This unusual film is worth watching, and has a similar theme. It was a "box office bomb", which only makes it better! And darn right, this film is the most expensive, non-American production to date.

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