Title (Year): Geostorm (2017)
GRS Rating: 5 of 5
Notable Cast: Talitha Bateman
Duration: 1 hr, 48 min
Infractions: None.

Comments: In the near future, the climate has become unstable. The nations band together to build a network of satellites to rectify storms before they combine into a serious storm, a Geostorm. This "Dutch Boy" satellite system works well for years, using the International Space Station as a control center. That is, until a couple of weeks before the United States relinquishes control to an international governing body. Coincidence?

Let's ignore the obvious political agenda. (This movie is probably Al Gore's new "fave film".) The plot moves along well, despite taking a couple of leaps here and there. I could do without the Rambo-like Secret Service woman. I guess that's today's world. Aside from being predictable, this disaster film is entertaining.

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