Title (Year): Zombie Honeymoon (2004)
GRS Rating: 0 of 5
Notable Cast: Tracy Coogan
Duration: 1 hr, 24 min
Infractions: Feeding sounds, blood & gore

Comments: The film opens with a couple leaving a church. They depart in a crappy, old car, dragging cans to their honeymoon destination, near the seaside. Whilst resting on the beach, a "man" comes out of the water and attacks the groom. The groom then dies, but returns to life ten minutes afterwards. The wife is glad to have him back, but the police start to question disappearances of those near him.

Showtime has to overdo everything. So imagine what they did with a zombie film. Yes, they had disgusting sound effects of feeding during the opening credits! Just shake your head. I did. This independent film is shot entirely in New Jersey. It's not bad for a regional zombie film.

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