Title (Year): Footloose (1984)
GRS Rating: 5 of 5
Notable Cast: Kevin Bacon, John Lithgow, Lori Singer, Chris Penn
Duration: 1 hr, 47 min
Infractions: None.

Comments: When Ren's parents split, he and his mother move in with relatives. The move from the big city, Chicago, to rural Wyoming is especially difficult for high schooler Ren. The small town is coping with the death of a few teenagers several years ago. Dancing is banned. Ren, an avid gymnast, loves to dance. So what does he do: he organizes a dance. But will the town board allow the social event?

I haven't seen this film in decades. It's much better than I remember. Triumphant, upbeat, and catchy are a few words to describe it. This film made Kevin Bacon famous. The soundtrack is particularly excellent. There's some impressive dancing, too. And slender '80s girls, need I say more? Recommended!

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