Title (Year): Hunter Prey (2009)
GRS Rating: 3 of 5
Notable Cast: None.
Duration: 1 hr, 28 min
Infractions: Goo, eating, blood

Comments: A group of soldiers are bringing a valuable cargo back to their home planet. The cargo turns out to be a prisoner; however, when their vessel crash-lands on a remote, desert planet, their prisoner escapes.

This unusual film caught me unexpectedly. It begins with immediate action--good. Judging by the scenery and costumes, I thought it would just be a wannabe Star Wars film. And many aspects support that verdict. Then, the story develops into a battle of wills. This film may channel Enemy Mine; but, it's also unique in its view. That makes it memorable, which isn't easy in the sci-fi genre. Erin Gray is the computer's voice, which suggests which time period of television the director enjoys. There seems to have been a lot of heart that went into this low-budget film. Well done!

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