Title (Year): Before I Fall (2016)
GRS Rating: 5 of 5
Notable Cast: Zoey Deutch
Duration: 1 hr, 39 min
Infractions: None.

Comments: A popular high-school girl wakes up on Valentine's Day. Only she doesn't know that this particular day is pivotal in her life. And until she sets things right in her life and all those around it, she will re-live the day.

This film started out by steeping the audience in girl-power crap. But then, it is watered down to an essential story of correcting wrongs. The film is set in the Pacific Northwest. While not as comical as Groundhog Day or as action-packed as Edge of Tomorrow, this film does a good job combining the turbulent times of adolescence with a repeating time-travel-style film. The film is based on a novel, and is not bad at all.

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