Title (Year): Train to Busan - Busanhaeng (2016)
GRS Rating: 1 of 5
Notable Cast: None.
Duration: 1 hr, 58 min
Infractions: Blood & gore

Comments: The film opens with a Korean farmer complaining about a quarantine. He thinks it's another outbreak of foot and mouth disease. But, after he inadvertently hits and kills a deer, the audience knows this is something new. Because the dead deer gets up and walks away. Meanwhile, the hero is closing a deal on a hedge fund. His young daughter just wants to spend time with him, so he reluctantly takes the express train south to Busan to visit her mother, his ex-wife. A last-minute stowaway brings the emerging problem to this train.

This Korean zombie film is excellent. It has the elements of a disaster film, also. But, it doesn't forget that characters are the meat--bad pun?--of any story. The production is excellent. This is no small-budget, undead film. Really, this is zombies on a train, only with a budget and good actors. Recommended.

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