Title (Year): Foreign Correspondent (1940)
GRS Rating: 5 of 5
Notable Cast: Joel McCrea, Laraine Day, George Sanders, Herbert Marshall, Albert Basserman, Edward Conrad
Duration: 2 hr
Infractions: None.

Comments: A New York reporter, who's a bit rough around the edges, is about to be dismissed after a row with the police, while on the job. The chief editor of his newspaper calls the fiesty reporter into his office. Rather belligerently, the reporter says fire me or leave me alone. Instead, the boss promotes him to foreign correspondent in Europe. It's 1939 and news reaching America is that no war will ever break out in Europe. The reporter, relieved that he won't be sacked after all, accepts the promotion and relishes it. Perhaps he has bitten off more than he can chew?

This film has witty dialogue, an exciting plot of intrigue, deep characters, and a bit of a love story. The strong story probably captured the hearts of those living through the War. It's definitely a very powerful film on many levels. The filming is beautifully executed, as is expected from Hitchcock. I can't imagine what it must have been like to see this film in the cinemas in 1940. Highly recommended!

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