Title (Year): Northmen: A Viking Saga (2014)
GRS Rating: 3 of 5
Notable Cast: Tom Hopper, Charlie Murphy, Ed Skrin, Darrel D'Silva
Duration: 1 hr, 38 min
Infractions: Blood & sounds

Comments: A Viking boat is destroyed by a storm. The crew lands on a hostile coast, which turns out to be Scotland, because they are immediately attacked. They defeat the onslaught and capture a Scottish princess. They decide to ransom her. Her father sends his "wolf pack" of mercenaries after them. This film follows their saga.

What a fun Viking action flick! If one doesn't expect great acting or plot, then this Swiss-German-South African production is a perfect film. (Though there are some notable characters.) There's plenty of swordplay, and the South African scenery is breathtaking and realistic. Just ignore the death-metal ending credits!

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